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Posted on May 20th, 2017 in Politics by Robert Miller

It seems like the Washington Post has become a better newspaper under Jeff Bezos’ leadership. At least that’s the way it seems to me. The founder of is making waves, as he continues to improve the Washington Post, which is now a rival for the New York Times. Not bad for a person that started out as an engineer, and quickly became an entrepreneur. The Washington Post has a new visual display showing the Russian connections for future use which you can view HERE. It is the most recent development which shows all the major players on the Trump squad, including some Russian players that we haven’t seen before; one must remember that an unidentified person of interest is now under investigation, and he/she is a member of the White House Staff, meaning that the investigation will be in an accelerated mode in the coming weeks and months.  This person, for obvious reasons has not been identified yet. (Jared Kushner, President Trumps son-in-law, has been identified as the new person under investigation).  All of these efforts point to an increasing level of pressure on the White House staff, especially give the fact, which we have seen reinforced lately, with many White House staffers, wondering if the are the next person to be thrown underneath the bus, as Donald Trump, in recent weeks has become famous for doing just that. The article that addresses this news and be seen HERE

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Paul Krugman devastates the Republican Party

Posted on May 18th, 2017 in General by Robert Miller

Recently, Paul Krugman wrote a devastating critique of the Republican party, which you can read HERE. Krugman begins by stating the obvious, that firing of Comey, head of the FBI, was because Comey was getting to close for comfort to President Trump, and was closing in on Trump’s efforts to collude with the Russians. Both Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority leader and Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house defended Trump’s firing of Comey.

Krugman goes on to emphasize that by approving Trump’s firing of Comey, they have they are now able to do what they always wanted: take health insurance away from those who need it to support, an nearly $1 trillion tax break to richest 1% of the wealthiest people in America.

He goes on to say that, for generations, during the Cold war the right-wing has impugned the left for being soft on Communism, and after 9/11 for being soft on terrorism.

But now we may have the real thing: circumstantial evidence that a hostile foreign  power may have colluded with a presidential campaign at the highest levels of our government.

  • “How did the whole party become so, well un-American? For this story now goes far beyond Trump.”
  •  “In some ways conservatism is returning to it’s roots. Much has been made of Trump’s revival of the term “America First.” the name of the movement opposed to U.S. intervention in WW II. What isn’t often mentioned is that many of the most prominent America-firsters weren’t just just isolationist’s they were actively sympathetic to foreign dictators; there’s more or less a straight line from Charles Lindbergh proudly wearing the medal he received from Hermann Gouring to Trump’s cordial relationship with Rodrigo Duterte, the literally murderous president of the Philippines.
  • “But the more prominent issue is the transformation of the Republican Party, which bears little if any resemblance to be, say during the Watergate hearings of the 1970s. Back then Republican members of congress were citizens first, partisan’s second. But today’s G.O.P. is more like a radical anti-democratic insurgency than a conventional political party.
  • “The political analysts Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein have been trying to explain this transformation for years, fighting an uphill  against the false equivalence that still dominates the punditry. As they note the G.O.P. hasn’t become “ideologically extreme”; it is  “dismissive of the legitimacy of it’s political opposition””
  • “So it’s naive to expect the Republicans to join forces with the Democrats to get to the bottom of the Russia scandal—-even if that scandal at the very roots of our national security. Today’s Republicans just don’t cooperate with Democrats, period. They’d rather work with Vladimir Putin. In fact some of them probably did.”

So there you have it, Paul Krugman is laying the blame for firing Comey, because Comey was getting to close and arrived at a place that was uncomfortable for President Trump. Comey even went so far to ask for additional resources, which means he was getting very close—–too close for President Trump’s comfort zone.

During the 1990s, Trump’s credit rating were so low he couldn’t get a decent American bank to give him credit. His son Donald Trump Jr said that we can borrow all the money we need from Russian sources, though he later retracted the statement. Mmm makes you wonder.


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US Economy is Dragging it’s Feet Since Trump was Elected President

Posted on May 2nd, 2017 in Politics by Robert Miller

In an article published in New York Times, a few days ago, a special story on the slow growth of the economy beginning in January of this year; you can read this story HERE. Right now the growth rate of the U.S. economy stands at 0.7 %, the slowest growth rate for nearly three years. Since 70% of our growth rate is attributed to consumer spending, the slow growth rate reported by the Commerce Department, can be attributed to the lack of confidence in the Trump administration or in Trump himself. Because this took place earlier this year, there is little chance we can attribute this sudden downturn in the economy to Obama; it must therefore be attributed to the Trump administration. In President Obama’s last three months in office the G.D.P. grew at 2.5%.  Naturally, the Trump people want to blame the sudden down turn to the Obama administration, but that rings hollow because it suddenly happened in January of this year. Meanwhile the stock market continues to surge, up 11% since the election took place (Trump insists that the downturn occurred in the last quarter, but the facts say otherwise).

Of course, we know by now now that Trump lives in his own reality, and the truth has no chance of penetrating his very thick skull, if even for a microsecond. He lives in his own world and he is awash with alternate facts. But we are not allowed in that world because most of us have to stick to the facts as we see them. No Chance for alternate facts in our world.

The article goes on to suggest that the Fed may look at these numbers and balk at raising the interest rates any time soon


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