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Welcome to TheMillerCircle.org

Posted on March 12th, 2007 in by Robert Miller

If America were returned to us tomorrow, it would take many years to get back the country we had just seven + years ago. The Republican Party has violated so many of our legal and constitutional principles, that, together with its downgrading of science and suppression of scientists, the party itself could easily be outlawed for practicing political machinations destructive to America. Impeachment, yes. How about a constitutional amendment outlawing the Republican Party as the party of toxic political waste whose function is to wage war on America?

We are rapidly giving up our leadership in science that took us more than fifty years to establish. A miraculous post-war (WW II) investment in education and research, further stimulated by our reaction to Sputnik, allowed us to become the world leaders in research and biological sciences. Before WW II American scientists won four Nobel prizes, but since then, Americans have won more Nobel prizes than all other countries combined. Yet, the degree to which the intellectual basis of our culture has deteriorated makes it unlikely that our prestige in science can continue. Recovering what we had in this country just a few years ago will not be easy. The party that got us here has deep pockets and they have achieved the artful state of lying about almost everything, from global warming to the causes of obesity, to the introduction of religious viewpoints into government and on and on to a never ending list which adds up to a history of destruction of our government to make way for the “market system economy” that the Republican Party has adopted as their mantra for solving everything.

The choice for our future is clear. We are smart enough and experienced enough to know what to do. But the Republican Party has put us into such a deep state of debt and moral implosion that getting out of this hole and sustaining what we once had will be, perhaps, the single most challenging task we have faced since we entered WW II. I urge you to read about the solution we adopted to adddress the new responsibilities we faced after WW II. Strip out the anti-communist posturing which led to the Cold War, which proved to be such an unnecessary disaster for us and for the Soviets and concentrate on how our investment in education, the GI Bill, the reaction to Sputnik with the expansion of research universities and the establishment of America as a center of science, and you quickly grasp what it is that has made America and its universities the most sought after higher education institutions in the World. We don’t awe the World because of our clever anticommunist strategic past, but rather through our positive achievements. No one admires us because we are the World’s largest manufacturer of cluster bombs, but they do admire us as a culture of creativity and achievement–the can do center of the World. That is what we need to rediscover in America and embellish once again within our culture,  the lost tablets of success. It is our culture and cultural values, not our military hardware that others admire and want to emulate. We need to rediscover what it is that made us a great country, or, more appropriately, what gave us great promise for becoming a great country. What can you do to help?


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