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An Explanation of the Koch Brothers That Will Challenge Your Faith in Our Democracy

Posted on February 3rd, 2018 in General by Robert Miller

I am currently reading a book, Democracy in Chains: the deep history of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America, written by Nancy MacLean, who is a history professor at Duke University.  Basically it is the story of how the Koch brothers came to plan a sinister, anti-democratic movement for the future of America. To read the book click  HERE.

I urge ever person to read this book as it will inform you all about the sinister plans the Koch brothers have in store for our democracy. These people are serious and they are well on there way to achieving a complete victory. Basically, the Koch brothers have a very undemocratic government in store for us, one that will challenge the fate of our current democracy.

This undemocratic movement started with James M. Buchanan. Buchanan is a political economist, which means he studies politicians, but his real skill is in devising ways to keep the cultural wars burning. He does this by dividing people according to how the view any thing at a particular moment. For example, Buchanan hates the idea behind Social Security, so he devises examples that pit 60 year old seniors, who are just going into retirement, against the people  already in their retirement years. He tells the people who are just about to enter their retirement that the system is rapidly going broke and there will not be enough money left to support them, creating resentment against those already enjoying retirement. He was an adviser to Pinochet, who overthrew Allende, the democratically elected President of Brazil. I assume you all know how that turned out. You can see a video on James M. Buchanan here 

Initially, all the Republican nominees that were running for the presidency in the 2016 election agreed to follow the lead generated by the Koch brothers. The one who wouldn’t, Donald J. Trump, chose not to go along for some reason during the campaign but has fallen in line as President.

This is not the Republican party of your grandparents. That went out the window many elections in the past. I don’t know how far up the ladder of the party the beliefs have gone or how many have drunk the Kool-Aid, but I am very sure it is not just a few politicians. This new tax legislation demonstrates this glaringly. It benefits the wealthy and corporations over the average tax payer. Not more than a few hours ago I heard that the average worker will take home an extra $15.00 dollars a week, which is chicken scratch compared to the thousands the wealthy will get in breaks. Yet a percentage of the public continues to admire them for this accomplishment, ignoring how little it benefits the average citizen. As I have said, you need to read the book to find out how all of this has evolved.

While I have loved writing this blog and reading and thinking deeply in order to write it, this will be my last Miller’s Circle. As the cliche states, all good things must come to an end and, while this has been very good for me and I hope for you as well, it is time for me to turn my attention to retirement and other pursuits.


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Just Transmitted a post that is wacky

Posted on August 31st, 2017 in General by Robert Miller

I just transmitted a post that includes very wacky; the first thing you notice is that the text appears very narrow, as if it was formatted in a single column. I must confess that I don’t know how to fix it at this point, and if any one else does I will yield to his expertise.

Sorry about that, best wishes,


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Paul Krugman devastates the Republican Party

Posted on May 18th, 2017 in General by Robert Miller

Recently, Paul Krugman wrote a devastating critique of the Republican party, which you can read HERE. Krugman begins by stating the obvious, that firing of Comey, head of the FBI, was because Comey was getting to close for comfort to President Trump, and was closing in on Trump’s efforts to collude with the Russians. Both Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority leader and Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house defended Trump’s firing of Comey.

Krugman goes on to emphasize that by approving Trump’s firing of Comey, they have they are now able to do what they always wanted: take health insurance away from those who need it to support, an nearly $1 trillion tax break to richest 1% of the wealthiest people in America.

He goes on to say that, for generations, during the Cold war the right-wing has impugned the left for being soft on Communism, and after 9/11 for being soft on terrorism.

But now we may have the real thing: circumstantial evidence that a hostile foreign  power may have colluded with a presidential campaign at the highest levels of our government.

  • “How did the whole party become so, well un-American? For this story now goes far beyond Trump.”
  •  “In some ways conservatism is returning to it’s roots. Much has been made of Trump’s revival of the term “America First.” the name of the movement opposed to U.S. intervention in WW II. What isn’t often mentioned is that many of the most prominent America-firsters weren’t just just isolationist’s they were actively sympathetic to foreign dictators; there’s more or less a straight line from Charles Lindbergh proudly wearing the medal he received from Hermann Gouring to Trump’s cordial relationship with Rodrigo Duterte, the literally murderous president of the Philippines.
  • “But the more prominent issue is the transformation of the Republican Party, which bears little if any resemblance to be, say during the Watergate hearings of the 1970s. Back then Republican members of congress were citizens first, partisan’s second. But today’s G.O.P. is more like a radical anti-democratic insurgency than a conventional political party.
  • “The political analysts Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein have been trying to explain this transformation for years, fighting an uphill  against the false equivalence that still dominates the punditry. As they note the G.O.P. hasn’t become “ideologically extreme”; it is  “dismissive of the legitimacy of it’s political opposition””
  • “So it’s naive to expect the Republicans to join forces with the Democrats to get to the bottom of the Russia scandal—-even if that scandal at the very roots of our national security. Today’s Republicans just don’t cooperate with Democrats, period. They’d rather work with Vladimir Putin. In fact some of them probably did.”

So there you have it, Paul Krugman is laying the blame for firing Comey, because Comey was getting to close and arrived at a place that was uncomfortable for President Trump. Comey even went so far to ask for additional resources, which means he was getting very close—–too close for President Trump’s comfort zone.

During the 1990s, Trump’s credit rating were so low he couldn’t get a decent American bank to give him credit. His son Donald Trump Jr said that we can borrow all the money we need from Russian sources, though he later retracted the statement. Mmm makes you wonder.


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