Why the Present Donald Trump is not releasing the JFK Murder Documents

Posted on October 27th, 2017 in Politics by Robert Miller

Today we learned that the White House is not releasing the JFK assassination documents; but the reason behind their release has not been identified. Was it requested by the CIA, or the FBI, at this point the reasons behind the release has not been identified. Maybe we will never know, who kept the lid on the release of documents. In truth some documents have been released, but are these the documents that really count. I am guilty of harboring suspicions of my own, after reading to of David Talbot’s extensively documented tales of the assassination. In one account he accused Allen Dulles and James Jesus Angleton of masterminding the assassination of JFK. At one time during the weekend of the assassination, Allen Dulles was once holed up at the “Black Site of the CIA headquarters,”  while James Jesus Angleton, was somewhere else. Whatever the outcome may be perhaps we will never know the truth to this story, I am very depressed. I thought for this one last time we will finally learn the truth about the JFK assassination, but apparently I was wrong. The documents are now scheduled for release some time in April, 2018. I wish I could be more positive than this, but I am now looking forward to some time April, 2018. I hope I will not be disappointed this time.


We have just been informed that the material was redacted making the entire document “unreadable.”  Now David Talbot is free to speculate on what might have been possible. David Talbot wrote the Devils Chessbord. We will never know the truth about the muder of JFK.


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