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Breaking News………

Posted on May 20th, 2017 in Politics by Robert Miller

It seems like the Washington Post has become a better newspaper under Jeff Bezos’ leadership. At least that’s the way it seems to me. The founder of Amazon.com is making waves, as he continues to improve the Washington Post, which is now a rival for the New York Times. Not bad for a person that started out as an engineer, and quickly became an entrepreneur. The Washington Post has a new visual display showing the Russian connections for future use which you can view HERE. It is the most recent development which shows all the major players on the Trump squad, including some Russian players that we haven’t seen before; one must remember that an unidentified person of interest is now under investigation, and he/she is a member of the White House Staff, meaning that the investigation will be in an accelerated mode in the coming weeks and months.  This person, for obvious reasons has not been identified yet. (Jared Kushner, President Trumps son-in-law, has been identified as the new person under investigation).  All of these efforts point to an increasing level of pressure on the White House staff, especially give the fact, which we have seen reinforced lately, with many White House staffers, wondering if the are the next person to be thrown underneath the bus, as Donald Trump, in recent weeks has become famous for doing just that. The article that addresses this news and be seen HERE

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