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Donald Trump, the Man Who Would prefer to be a Dictator

Posted on March 21st, 2017 in Capitalism by Robert Miller

We have now witnessed nearly three months of the President Trump: it seems likely we are for a daily  roller-coaster ride, but we should all be glad it’s not something more serious. I am sure that many of you can’t wait to read the morning paper to see what else President Trump has screwed up, with his twice failed travel bans and his quixotic budget and his wire tapping charge against President Obama, and terrorism in Sweden. These all have the earmarks of an early failed presidency. He doesn’t seem to be capable of righting his own ship.

But let me leap ahead to the most serious problem we face with President Trump: he wants to be a dictator, the first ever for our relatively new nation. He believes  that by invoking a high level of fear and anxiety in American public he can move closer to his goal of becoming the dictator he wants to be. Make no mistake about it, this is Steve Bannon talking to Donald Trump, and if we listened to him, he will go a long ways to accomplish his ultimate goal and lead us into a nation we won’t recognize. Donald Trump himself, with Steve Bannon pulling the strings from behind will lead us to a place we’d never seen before. It should be obvious to all of us now, that Donald Trump wants to make a hard right turn and in the process destroy our democracy, which, I now believe, is now on life support. Right now I don’t think there is a chance in Hell that he’ll will get away with his plans for America, his poll numbers are too low; today the public reaction to him is that he is too clownish to be respectable president, but he is in a dark and sinister place, and we can’t let him get away with his plans for a darker America. But because we are uncertain about the degree of national support he now receives, we are uncertain whether some at sometime in the future, he might become a more serious threat than we judge him now to be. The problem of course is the Republican party, they seemed to have abandoned their plans to be fiscally conservative (of course that was OK when Obama was president, but now that he is out of office, they can safely retreat to spending like money is going out of style, it is unnatural  and it is not normally in DNA of Republicans. But perhaps this spending spree is due to all of the pent-up desires to spend money for Trump that they wouldn’t spend for Obama when he was President. Suddenly the size of the national  debt is no longer of concern to them. Of course no money has been spent yet; everyone is waiting for the Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And when that is achieved, all Hell will break loose, and then we might go seriously into debt.

The Donald

President Donald Trump

Being a Dictator is something that comes naturally to President Trump; that’s how he built his empire, you have only to look at his subservient children to realize that’s the way he behaves in real life.

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