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Who Murdered JFK redux

Posted on December 27th, 2016 in Government,Secrecy in Government by Robert Miller

JFKThe date is upon us. Today is the date that the CIA must release all of the records that relate to the murder of JFK, who was killed in Dallas, nearly 50 years ago [the FBI is also releasing information that they claim is related to the death of JFK]

I am re-releasing this information hoping that I can provide additional pressure on the CIA, and the FBI to comes clean and release all of the documents related to the murder of JFK.

The date is October 2017, right around the corner, that’s the date that the CIA must turn over all of it’s records surrounding the murder of JFK and make them available to the public. They have a lot of records to turnover. Many records have been requested under the Freedom of Information Act, that the CIA have refused to turnover, citing national security reasons. But now they will have to turn them over, but they still have a way out: they can appeal to the President (Donald Trump) requesting a deferment based on National Security grounds. I have no idea how President Trump will respond to the requests of the CIA. I recently wrote to the CIA, with the following message:

“In October of the new year (2017) the CIA is required, by law, to turn over all of its records on the murder of JFK to the public. I am writing in support of this ruling to encourage the CIA to follow through with this ruling and forever be free from suspicion of involvement in the JFK murder. As I am sure you know that perhaps the majority of Americans think the CIA was involved in the plot to kill JFK.”

I encourage all of you to write to the CIA, and you can do so by following the link:

https://www.cia.gov/about-cia/todays-cia# when you get there click on the Contact button on the far right at the top and enter your response.

It is way past the time when the CIA has to come clean with their involvement in the plot to kill JFK. Most of the players in that era are long dead and Nixon himself when he referred to the Bay of Pigs thing, was really a code name that meant the Kennedy assassination. Nixon himself seemed to know who killed JFK, but he went to his grave without identifying the culprit.


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How can Americans get angry about the pathological distribution of wealth in their own country if they don’t know how egregiously skewed it is?

Posted on December 8th, 2016 in Capitalism,Religion by Robert Miller

About a year and a half ago, I posted an article based on a study by Michael Norton and Dan Ariely, two academics who published a paper “Building a Better America—One Wealth Quintile at a Time,” which appeared in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science. The study was based on a huge sample (5522), with a median income that matched that of the United States. The study illustrated how Americans completely misjudged the distribution of wealth in their own country; the majority thought that wealth distribution in America was more like that of Sweden, which it definitely is not. Last night, a friend and colleague (Dr. Kent Parker, Department of Psychology, University of West Virginia) sent me a link to a new, remarkable graphic illustration of the Norton-Ariely results which demonstrates that while you can argue whether a picture is worth a thousand words, an elegant graphical presentation of a complex study is worth far more. You can see the graphic summary of their results on the Mashable website here. This graph was posted on YouTube and started going viral on Friday. If every American got infected by this deservedly viral graph, perhaps enough anger would be aroused to begin a discussion that should have started thirty years ago!


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