What are we doing in Venezuela?

Posted on March 20th, 2015 in American Hegemony by Robert Miller
President Moduro of Venezuela

President Moduro of Venezuela

If you are like me, I assume that whenever you have a big public turnout against a leftist regime, taking place in a South American country, the CIA is deeply involved. So I assume that explains what is happening in Venezuela right now, with large crowds protesting the Moduro government.  But declaring Venezuela to be a security threat to the United States? Who does Obama think he is kidding? Are we facing the imminent threat of an invasion from the Venezuelan army? Has the country hired a bunch of mercenaries to plant bombs in Times Square? This is too clownish to be real. What is going on in Venezuela? We cry out for clarity! You will note the complete absence of any significant U.S. reporting on the situation down there, coupled with the failure of the White House press corps to ask about the situation in Venezuela. So are we faced with a complete blackout of knowledge about  Venezuela? Why in the world did Obama place sanctions against Venezuela? When I am confronted with situations such as these—-a news blackout about a leftist government in South America, I usually turn to someone with knowledge about the area. In this case you will find Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center For Economic Policy Research up to the task of setting us straight on the situation down there: he is writing in U.S. News and World Report.  I urge you to read Weisbrot’s article within the confines of your own home, safely out of harms way in case a Venezuelan drone is flying overhead! Over and out.


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