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Posted on March 31st, 2010 in Culture,ecology,Economy,General,Nature,Politics by Robert Miller

Here is a nice, thoughtful and sympathetic open letter to conservatives, reminding them of a few inconsistencies in their policies and behavior. Perhaps there is something you could add to the list.
Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize wining author and journalist who has covered most of the wars we have been involved in and carries deep personal knowledge of how societies, like Yugoslavia, disintegrate. He writes for Truthdig and The Nation Institute. Hedges cites the failure of the Democrats to break away from the corporatist stranglehold as the root cause of the disintegration of the country and the appearance of the Right Wing militia crazies who are now springing up all over the country. He sees this breakup of civilization reflected in today’s right wing Christian Militias compounded by acts like Sarah Palin using figure gun sights to target politicians for defeat (death?). Should these militias generate significant violent behavior, repression will be inclusive of the left. Hedges projects that we are on the edge of one of the most dangerous moments in history, with the complete failure of globalization that had itself displaced issues like decent working conditions, equity in wages, responsiveness to the environment and in the midst of that collapse, the elite have no plan, but to slog on and live in gated communities to try and stay above it all. Philosopher Sheldon Wolin describes our condition as “inverted totalitarianism”: unlike classic totalitarianism, the inverted form we are in does not revolve around a leader, a demagogue, but rather we live in the anonymity of the corporate state. We don’t know exactly who pulls the levers of power. The Southern Poverty Law Center lists 932 hate groups throughout the country, with a substantial increase in the past year. But these may not be the people we have to worry about. They don’t include the hateful, mindless tea baggers who are coalescing and many of them are unemployed. In my opinion, full employment would do a lot to get these militia-types thinking about something other than the country falling apart, so much so that they themselves have to do something about it. Matthew Rothschild sees the tea baggers and their Republican support as the beginning of neofascism and who can argue with the evidence? Everyone knows that there are some truly bad things going on, not the least of which is the complete indifference that we are showing towards environmental collapse. Wealthy, healthy stable societies can do something about global climate change and mass extinction, but societies on the verge of collapse can do nothing about their impending march towards an uglier climate and further loss of species, most of which we will never know about because they haven’t been identified yet. Soft bodies don’t leave fossils except in oil shale deposits and they aren’t forming anymore.


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