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Time Magazine ousts Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer

Posted on December 26th, 2007 in Culture,General,Media,Politics by Robert Miller

While I am not motivated to subscribe to Time Magazine under any circustance, it is gratifying to learn that they have not renewed the contracts of Bill Kristol or Charles Krauthammer, two proponents of the neocon options, including the war in Iraq and just about every other interventionist neocon ploy. But I am seriously thinking of unsubscribing to NewsWeek for hiring Karl Rove. How did integrity get lost in political journalism? Isn’t ethical behavior a qualification for a job at Newsweek? Even as a columnist? Does the purposeful outing of a CIA agent, an illegal act by Congressional law, still leave you with all the options of those less ethically challenged? Are the job options enhanced?  One would think so. Would you consider reading the Karl Rove story to your children as a bedtime story? What is it that Karl Rove has done other than abuse those with religious convictions to naively support a movement which favored the abolishment of our constitution? He brings a long list of unethical behaviors to the table: winning is everything. It must be that he’s a great writer and that someone other than me or millions of others will be interested in what he has to say. I thought he was perhaps qualified to be a tour guide at the new Creationist museum in Kentucky. There at least you don’t have to know anything. For that job the less you know the better.

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Happy Newton Birthday

Posted on December 24th, 2007 in General by Robert Miller

Isaac Newton was one of the greatest scientists of all time. His insights into physical relationships and the mathematics that came out of his efforts completely transformed our view of the physical world we live in and the way in which we approach formulating and solving physical relationships through his new math of calculus and differential equations. When architects don’t use his strategy for solving problems related to force, bridges come down. His birth date is given by some accounts as January 14, 1643. But that date is from the Julian calendar. At the time of Newton’s birth, both the Julian and Gregorian calendars were in use, with the latter considered to be the more modern and has become our standard of today. Thus, by the Gregorian calendar, Isaac Newton was born December 25, 1642. Since we have no real knowledge of the actual birth date of Christ, it is almost certain that his birth date was switched to the December date because it coincided with winter solstice, a event which was commonly celebrated by virtually all cultures. Thus Christian usurpation of winter solstice was committed. But Newton came to his claim by completely legitimate methods, through a presumed vaginal delivery.

So, while the birth date of Christ is uncertain, as is much of his life, the birth date of Newton, by Gregorian criteria has been firmly established. So, my message to you, from an atheist interlocutor to you of whatever faith or lack thereof is HAPPY NEWTON BIRTH DAY!!

Subversion of the Isolationist Right:the birth of Neocons

Posted on December 19th, 2007 in Books,Culture,General,Politics by Robert Miller

You might find it interesting to read an article that came out of the Rockwell-Report, derived from a book written in the 1970s by historian-economist Murray Rothbard. It briefly summarizes the historical threads between the isolationist right-wing libertarians and the war-footing neocons of today in the titanic post-WW II struggle for political control of the right in America. As a right-wing organization, the CIA had more influence in American politics than anyone might presuppose. Rothbard’s book was written in the 1970s, but is only recently available. It traces the history that he lived and knew well in this struggle. Central to this history is the toppling of the isolationist publication Freeman and replacing it with William Buckley’s National Review: this threw the switch from isolationist to interventionist philosophy of the right. There is some suggestive evidence that the CIA helped finance Buckley’s publication. Buckley worked for the CIA and in college, was an FBI informant. As a CIA agent, Buckley worked under the mysterious Howard Hunt, who has been implicated as having intimate knowledge of the Kennedy assassination. When the CIA was formed in 1947, it was illegal for it to manipulate the American press or publications originating in the U.S. Apparently this was not taken seriously and the article points to evidence that the CIA engaged in massive propaganda in the U.S. , through its “Black Fund,” with the full support of much of the American publications industry. The central problem for the new war-footing conservatives was the elimination of the isolationist right wing, in addition to waging battle with the liberal left FDRists. The article traces how the CIA was a full participant in assisting with this transition and how it manipulated the famous Frank Church hearings in the 1970s to generate an outcome and report edited by them and, in its final form, less revealing about the depth to which they had engaged in manipulating American publications and opinion. The neocons of today have a straight-line historical link to the war-footing machinations of the 1950s, when their predecessors toppled the influence of the isolationists-libertarians. Murray Rothbard continued to try and persuade an isolationist point of view and in 1988, he supported the candidacy of Ron Paul, who is with us today as a residual member of that camp. Rothbard died in 1995. His book is generally considered to be the bible of the aforementioned. His group lost, but today they are making a comeback as one can see by the popularity of Ron Paul, especially on the internet $ contest.

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