John Howard and The Coallition of the Willing

Posted on November 26th, 2007 in Politics by Robert Miller

Bush’s “coalition” for the invasion of Iraq has produced an historic legacy of political defeats for the leaders of the countries who made troop commitments. Spain, Italy and Poland have elected new leaders and have either withdrawn troops or reduced their numbers. You can also argue that Tony Blair was a victim of Bush’s invasion and now you can add Australia’s John Howard to that list, as he was defeated by Kevin Rudd, who has pledged to bring Australia’s 550 combat troops home. Rudd has promised to sign the Kyoto treaty and has set his sights on a greener philosophy for Australia, hoping to maintain good relations with Washington. The latter we hope will become much easier after the 2008 election. The new Australian government seems to be tipping back towards a more rational state. Let’s hope we can continue to do the same.

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